First Impressions of Shattering

•November 24, 2010 • 2 Comments

As expected on any patch day, maintenance was extended well past the originally posted time. What was not expected, though, was the servers being up over two hours before the extended deadline. They posted that servers would be up at 5:00 and I logged on at 3:00 and tons of people were already on. I’m not sure what time they actually went up. That being said, I had a chance to see and try out a bunch of things.

The first thing I saw when I logged in today was HOLY COW Org changed a lot. I didn’t go on PTR this time around and I wasn’t in beta, so I didn’t see a thing. I really wanted this bit of the expansion to be a surprise experience. I like to read ahead on mechanics and changes of that nature, but when the whole world is changing aesthetically and structurally, looking at pictures and reading descriptions really doesn’t give you a good idea.

Holy Priest changes
I took the talent reset as an opportunity to spec out of State of Mind (you extend your Chakra state when you use corresponding spells). I had the chance to raid tonight with the changes and found myself using Prayer of Healing more often than I was before. Chakra now only has 3 states which can be renamed to: DPS, AoE healing, and direct healing. This simplifies it a TON. Instead of having a renew-centered Chakra state, there’s a 1-point talent that gives you the benefit that it used to have. Holy Puddle (my affectionate term for Holy Word: Sanctuary) seems more effective, but that could just be in my head. Overall, I’m pleased with the Chakra changes. The single target Chakra state is pretty amazing. I managed to out-heal portal healers on Valithria while I was outside using it, it was pretty spiffy.

Revamped Old Zones
I’ve been working on quests to get the zone achievements completed. I really want to get that finished before Cataclysm launch. I finished Northern Barrens and most of Ashenvale tonight. I’m really quite impressed with the changes. The single factor that I appreciate most is that there’s much less needless running around. With the more modular quest hub approach and the new features for quest chains, things are a lot more efficient.

Overall, I’m really happy with the changes. I’ve been bored doing the same thing for nearly a year now–ICC is great, but it really got boring after about 4 months, so the change is welcome. The new patch brings a lot more things to keep me occupied before Cata, so I’m pleased. My ONE negative was that I missed out on a day of Ogri’la dailies because I couldn’t find the Blasted Lands portal in time to get dailies done before raid tonight. The guards in Orgrimmar don’t tell you that there’s a portal trainer in the Cleft of Shadow, but when when ported in to Org from ICC, there it was!

Current To Do List:

  • 8 days of Ogri’la dailies
  • About 30 more Greater Cosmic Essences for Enchanting leveling when Cata hits
  • Armor Vellum for Enchanting leveling (need about 40)
  • Zone quests
  • Peacebloom versus Ghouls pet & achievement
  • Get justice points close to cap

Progress I Made Today:

  • I got my last t10 token to make me full 277 except for Solace, making this the first expansion to end BiS
  • Fished up the Sea Turtle last night
  • Figured out how to stop getting random DCs that leave me on the loading screen for days
  • Finished Thanksgiving

The Shattering and a New Start

•November 22, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I made this blog about two years ago. I posted a half dozen times and kind of gave up because nobody commented on it. I think I was trying to write for other people instead of myself and I’ve decided that’s really not the point.

So now I’ve cleared out the old posts of nonsense and I’m beginning anew. I hope to post useful things for priests as well as have an outlet for my babble.

Tonight the servers go down for patch 4.0.3a–the Shattering. Ironically, this huge patch in the history of WoW will take place on its 6th anniversary. What I plan to do tonight before the servers go down for maintenance is finish the Thanksgiving holiday achievements and then perhaps farm some more enchanting mats. I’m currently stocking up on abyss crystals and greater cosmic essences to power-level my enchanting soon after Cataclysm launches.

My goals before Cataclysm are to get as many achievement points as I can (I’d really like to beat a couple people in the guild), get myself set up for leveling in Cata, and make back all the gold I spent on the Insane title ><.

Once Cataclysm hits, I plan to level as quickly as possible–all without sleeping if possible, gear up in dungeons and heroics and be in the first raid the guild attempts in Cataclysm. Meanwhile, I want to level my boyfriend, Ron's, priest and put him in a guild that raids at a different time than mine. I'd really like for him to be able to jump into raiding as soon as he gets home from deployment. Raiding means a lot to him and I'd like very much for him to not feel left behind and at a disadvantage again.

I'm sure this post was incredibly dry, but that's okay. It's a start. I have goals. I have plans. Let's see how long that lasts…

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