Adventures in the Land of Video Cards

It is now nearly 5 a.m. and therefore it is officially my birthday. Happy birthday to me. This year, I was lucky enough to order my own presents from newegg c/o my boyfriend. I’m eternally grateful. They came in the mail this morning. I am the proud owner of a new video card and Windows 7. I am upgraded from an nvidia 7900 GT/GTO and Windows XP to an ati 5770. It’s a drastic upgrade. To give you an idea, my video settings in WoW used to be capped at Fair. I can now go through Ultra and still have 40 fps. Not shabby at all.

I ran into a few problems, though. First, I spent three hours trouble shooting Windows 7 not realizing I had a hard drive. This included but certainly was not limited to waking up a friend at 2am their time and talking my mother into downloading drivers and bringing them to my house. I would have picked them up, but my boyfriend’s car has a flat and now my car has a dead battery. Yay! Happy Birthday to me!

So after three hours of trouble shooting… I realize I accidentally unplugged my hard drive when I installed my video card. Oops. My mom won’t be happy to hear that.

Fast forward through some stupid installation type things… and my sound won’t work. So I download drivers for what I think my sound card is. They won’t work. So I figure based on my experience with my hard drive, I would make sure it’s plugged in. It looked plugged in, so I pulled it out and then re-installed it. Sure enough on boot it automatically installed drivers and works just fine ><.

In other news, they hotfixed the Ashenvale Quests achievement so now I have all of Kalimdor! Just Eastern Kingdoms to go which I have made NO progress on. But there's always this weekend! I likely won't do much today either because of my birthday kind of things, but we'll see.


~ by pocketpriest on December 3, 2010.

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