This E’ko thing is Madness!

Tonight I finally completed Kalimdor barring the 7 quests I’m missing from Ashenvale. After scouring the forums and wowhead, I submitted a ticket a few days ago. They informed me that I needed to simply explore Orgrimmar more to get the Explore Orgrimmar achievement. Clearly that was helpful. I submitted another ticket and the GM said that the quests would not be available until Cataclysm at which point new quests would open up. So I guess we all get to wait to finish the entirety of Kalimdor. I’d be grumpy if I didn’t already have Loremaster, really.

The final two zones were not disappointing. I only ran into one major issue and that was that I reached a point where I was 58/60 in Winterspring and thought, “Oh no, not this again.” It turns out there’s a tiny hub with 2 quests just northeast of Everlook at Thistlefur Village. The two quick quests got me the achieve and no major issue. I did the E’ko Madness achieve along the way. It is entirely possible to do it while you’re questing, so I’d advise doing it that way rather than going back later. If you’re already killing all sorts of bears, you might as well get the e’ko while you’re killing them. I just had to kill a few extra of certain kinds of mobs every once in a while.

My only criticism of Winterspring is that it has a lot of “do one quest then go back then do one…” back and forth nonsense. It’s not a long run back and forth so it’s not too tedious, but I enjoy large loops of quests.

And finally, I have a list of daily quests to pick up and complete before cata release. You can turn them in as soon as you log in with the xpac and get full xp for them according to a blue post. I assume that the way things worked in BC & LK with regards to NORMAL quests, however, stands. Normal quests you picked up when the reward was gold and not xp have historically turned in after release with the reward you picked them up with. i.e. if you have 25 normal quests that you picked up when you were level 80 during LK and you turn them in at cata, you will get gold and no xp at all.

In case anybody is interested in a list of dailies, the following are all in Icecrown and turn in relatively close together. The one caveat is that they DO require you to have done a bunch of pre-quests and participated in the Argent Tournament.

Assault by Air
Assault by Ground
Blood of the Chosen
Drag and Drop
Leave Our Mark
Neutralizing the Plague
No Rest For The Wicked
Not a Bug
Retest Now
Shoot ‘Em Up
Slaves to Saronite
That’s Abominable!
Vile Like Fire!
Among the Champions Requires Champion status
Battle Before the Citadel
Drottinn Hrothgar (or equivalent)
Gormok Wants His Snobolds (or equivalent)
Taking Battle To The Enemy
The Fate of the Fallen (or equivalent)
The Light’s Mercy (or equivalent)
Threat from Above
You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul


~ by pocketpriest on December 1, 2010.

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