Cataclysm Factions and Priests

I decided to look through the five new factions for Cata to decide how I’m going to approach levelling, dailies, dungeons, etc. So here’s a basic breakdown.

Guardians of Hyjal
This is where all casters will get their helm enchant. It requires Revered and gives 60 int and 35 crit. The only piece of gear that looks noteworthy there is the epic belt for healers that you can pick up at level 85 and exalted.

Welcome to the new Sons of Hodir. This rep gives all of the shoulder enchants for the xpac. It requires you to do a chain to unlock six dailies. Blue quality shoulder enchants are available at honored, epic at exalted. The caster ring you can get is lower quality than any of the other rings they offer with a level requirement of 83 according to wowhead. This may be an oversight or maybe Blizz hates casters. Who knows. The one MAJOR difference between Therazane and Sons of Hodir—there IS a Tabard. You do NOT have to grind the rep on dailies alone, but they can help.

This is the source of the agi-based dps helm enchant. It is also the only one of the dungeon factions to offer a mount. You can choose between the Brown and the Tan Riding Camel. To justify grinding this rep apart from the mount, there is a pair of caster dps boots and that’s it. There’s really no reason for a healing priest to grind it apart from the mount–which is a shame.

Dragonmaw Clan
Strength-based dps will get their helm enchant here. The only thing worth noting is a caster neck that has no spirit which you can get at exalted. I don’t plan to touch this rep until I’m ready to grind random reps.

The Earthen Ring
The tanking helm enchant is really the only positive to these guys. There’s a blue quality cloak available at revered with them, but it has no spirit on it. Overall, I’d pass on this faction until last (and then only grind it if you want it for an additional reputation).

Overall, because of the factions I plan to level in Mount Hyjal to get the GoH rep started. Then move on to Deepholm and unlock Therazane. After that I will hit Uldum to start in on Ramkahen rep. If I need any more zones to get to 85, I will finish up in Twilight Highlands. I will likely complete GoH first when it comes to dungeon grinding. After I get the two productive reps completed, I fully intend to get myself a camel!


~ by pocketpriest on December 1, 2010.

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