The Continuation of Kalimdor

The past few days I’ve been working on more quests. I’ve been a little slow because I’ve been watching movies and tv in between quests, but that’s okay. I managed to complete Dustwallow Marsh (ugh), Thousand Needles, Tanaris, Ungoro, Silithus, and am now working on Felwood.

Thousand Needles was definitely my favorite of the bunch, but Ungoro’s squire quest line was pretty hilarious. So here’s a brief opinion of each one:

Thousand Needles: To combat the fact that the entire zone is under water and not everybody is a priest, the first quest chain in the zone rewards you with a River Boat. You hop in the water, use what looks like a pirate hat, and you’re off. It’s quite speedy. My only complaint with the River Boat is that it kept zooming my camera way in and it bugs me. But that’s easily fixed. I found that I could get around faster in some cases by using levitate + body & soul, though. The quest chains are entertaining, the travel is unique, it’s definitely a fun zone.

Tanaris: Tanaris definitely wasn’t a bad zone, but it wasn’t particularly noteworthy in my book. I did enjoy the ogre quest chain. Very few of the quests seemed exactly the same as the old quests, but they had the same overall THEME if that makes sense. There were “go kill animals” there were pirates, there were ogres, there were trolls in front of ZF. While I was there, I did go into ZF to do the quests there. The quests inside essentially give you a reward for clearing the place. I made a ton of gold and if I were at level, it would have been a ton of xp. I think it’s particularly convenient that you can now get the quests all right inside the instance. It used to be a pain to go to UC for a quest in Kalimdor.

Un’goro: It had a handful of the same quests like raptor pheromones, killing gorillas, and volcanic ash. What it didn’t have were quests that sent you all over the place for a single objective. For example, A-Me no longer requires you to escort her or bring her a Mithril Casing. Instead, she has a coconut quest chain. And like I said earlier, the squire quest chain was hilarious–you save damsels, which is a really good time to start reading RP text, you kill “dragons” and when you’re all done, you kill the giant “dragon.” It’s definitely a lot of fun.

Silithus: I had 18/19 quests completed on log-in here. The new quest hub is down south by AQ. There were two quests I could pick up there that require you to go to all three of the hives. I chose the kill quest for insect brains and on my second hive got a drop quest off one of the bugs– a letter from Brann Bronzebeard sending me back to camp. I gave up on the brains and turned in the letter, all done. From what I’ve heard, Silithus is a yawn fest and you should avoid it. It was a pretty quick clear for me what with one quest needed.

I just began Felwood so I don’t know much about it, but it starts out in Emerald Sanctuary with a good number of quests that I haven’t seen before, so I’m optimistic.


~ by pocketpriest on November 29, 2010.

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