Happy Birthday/Christmas/Thanksgiving to me!

My birthday’s in a week (just before Cata release so clearly Blizz decided to give me an xpac for my birthday). I just finished ordering my birthday and Christmas presents from newegg. I’m really excited. I ordered Windows 7 because I’m currently playing on XP and I’m starting to have compatibility issues with programs. Also I really want a 64-bit OS. I also got an ATI 5770 video card. I’m currently using an Nvidia 7900 GT/GTO so this should be a giant upgrade. Next month I hope to increase my RAM from 4 gigs to 8 gigs, but that will have to happen after the first. I can’t wait to have more than 20 fps.

Last night I finished my ICC 25 drake finally. It’s nice to finish off the meta achievement before Cataclysm.

Also, I almost finished Ashenvale quests only to find out that many people are having the same problem that I am: I cannot find any more quests even by searching through Wowhead. I am at 73/80 quests and there are none to be found. If anybody has any insight into this, please let me know, but I’m not convinced anybody’s reading so whatever.

In the real world, I am unemployed. I graduated from college in December 2008 and have not had a relevant job since then. I had one job at a Sprint call center for 6 months but quit because boyfriend relocated due to the Navy. I have submitted resumes everywhere I can think of. Until last week, I got ONE interview. I didn’t get the job. Last week, though, Shell gave me a call and wanted a phone interview. I passed that and they want me to go to this “recruitment day” thing. The problem is, it’s in Houston. I think the job will also be in Houston. I’m not too ecstatic about moving to Texas, but whatever. The big issue is that there’s no Navy base in Houston that I can find. I’m not sure how easily boyfriend can get transferred there. So I’m having a bit of a dilemma. If I do well at this recruitment day and get a job offer, do I potentially pass up a lot of money and a job to get me in the door. Or do I potentially mess up a 4+ year relationship that is very important to me. How much sacrifice from my end is too much? I ultimately didn’t get into grad school because of the Navy and location. I feel like if I wait it out until I get a job that works geographically with boyfriend’s job, I could potentially pass up a career completely. I really don’t want to be a waste of a life.

And with that… Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully if anybody reads this, yours is less lonely than mine 🙂


~ by pocketpriest on November 25, 2010.

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